Telecom & Cloud Solutions

Trutech is a Network and System Integrator providing Telecommunications & Cloud Solutions to meet all of your data and voice needs. We can provide traditional voice service from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTs) lines to ISDN PRI or BRI for your enterprise Voice Service or remote offices. Our Data Solutions work with traditional networks like Private Line and Sonet for Hub and Spoke Configuration to more robust networks that can support multiple of protocols such as IPVPN (MPLS – Layer 2 or Layer 3) for any to any data connectivity and options to stream line voice and video services to allow for collaborations of the existing network. Our Subject Matter Expects (SME) will take a trusted advisor approach to look at your existing infrastructure that supports your day to day operations for communication and data needs. We excel in design and incorporate the WAN and LAN into the design to provide robust and end to end solutions.

Benefits of Trutech’s Telecom Solutions include: